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How B2C Businesses Can Reach Customers Better Through WhatsApp Marketing.

Success in business is all about connecting with the right customers at the right time. Hand-held communication devices and instant messaging apps have changed the way customers interact with brands. Consumers today prefer communication that is fast, relevant, and personalized. With access to multiple devices and mobile apps, getting the attention of the millennial customer is not easy. 

Who needs WhatsApp Business Solution?

WhatsApp is the most significant messaging app in the world, with 2+ billion users in over 180 countries. Such popularity is hard to ignore, especially if you are a B2C brand that caters to the smartphone generation. 

How to reach customers through WhatsApp?

From answering customer queries in the awareness stage to providing relevant information during the consideration stage, B2C businesses can use WhatsApp in multiple ways to interact with consumers at all stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Real-time notifications to enhance customer service

Customers often find it difficult to find the right information they need to use a product or service. Bridge this gap by delivering time-sensitive information instantly to your customers on WhatsApp. Send alerts, recommendations, notifications, and reminders to give your customers a better brand experience. 


With Cloud Whatsapp advance conversational automation platform you can power intelligent engagements with customers.

As a B2C business, you can use WhatsApp in many creative ways to interact with your customers. The more useful and relevant these interactions are, the more likely your customers are to make a purchase or recommend your brand. 

For more information on WhatsApp Business API, check out this eBook on how brands can create a seamless customer experience through WhatsApp, or visit this page to find out how brands use WhatsApp Business API to connect with their customers.

CLOUD WHATSAPP for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

Cloudwhatsapp.com launched multiple packages available in MarketerResellerDeveloper & Enterprise version for the latest edition of Cloud Whatsapp powered by BULK SMS INDIA.

  • This script allows you to self host our WA Marketing Panel on your own server and based on your different needs & requirement. You can run your own WA Marketing campaigns using Cloud whatsapp Script.

Now, there are multiple Web based WA marketing panel, and WA marketing service providers, and vendors available online.

But, what makes cloud whatsapp different is that instead of purchasing a service, credits, or delivery messages packages. You can self operate the script on your own server and operate your own fully controlled, WA marketing panel with no limitations in terms of how many messages you can send automatically on a daily basis.

But, there is one caveat. You will need to upload WA channels into the panel in order to operate the script.

WA Channels are pre-activated WA numbers which are generated using WA Channel Registration Tool built-in into the tool itself. You can basically use WA numbers virtually using WA Hash Channels which login like a username and password in the script.

These WA channels are used to run the automation task into the script.

All the packages available on cloud Whatsapp comes along with WA Channels. By default in most of the days, the availability of the WA channels are available from US, Brazil, and India. Even though if you want other countries channels, then thats either separately charged or you can adjust with the free batch of channels included in the package for the script.

All the license includes 100% free updates and future additional features added into the script. You don’t have to renew the license ever after your one time purchase.

WA Marketer

WA Marketer Panel is made for marketers who want to run their own WA Marketing Campaigns

WA Reseller

WA Reseller Panel is made for resellers, agencies, vendors, and service providers who want to sell WA marketing credits to their clients.

WA Biz API Developer

WA Developer Panel is made for companies who want to change, customize and further enhance the script according to their requirements and also have interest in reselling our WA marketing script as a white label end to end product to their clients.

WA Enterprise Solution

WA Enterprise Panel is for clients who like to integrate our WA Marketing API with their own CRM, Web Application, SaaS platform, or any 3rd party apps using Zapier.com


As we all know Canada is a growing economy and more and more people are using Smart phones. WhatsApp is the most popular application in Canada. And many business owners in Canada are using our WhatsApp Marketing Services to promote there business in Canada and other neighbouring countries. If you are looking forward to use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service to Send Text / Image / Video / PDF file in Canada. We offer web-based portal where you would be charged only 1 credit to send any kind of media file up-to 1 MB with caption size of 500 characters and Text Message up-to 5000 Characters. And best part with our web based portal is that, you do not need to buy whatsapp channels. Only buy credits and you are good to go. as we have our whatsapp blasting center in india, all messages will go via Indian Mobile Numbers between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Indian Standard Timing) or 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Nigeria Time). We had been offering this service in Canada for past 5 years now.

Whatsapp Marketing is one of the influential marketing strategies that help people to stay in touch with the service providers and vice –versa. It is one of the recent advances in the marketing strategy that offers a perfect 24*7 platform for communication and participation in the marketing process.

We can state that the fast-growing communication app today is the Whatsapp. There are millions of active Whatsapp users in the world. These active members share millions of videos and pictures every day. This has prompted companies to use Whatsapp as the effective tool for business marketing. Whatsapp marketing is very effective to increase your sale these days. Digital marketing companies use different functions of Whatsapp to promote their business. Whatsapp is the smartest way to reach maximum people acquainted with your products and services.

Keeping all the points in mind, we can correlate the use of Whatsapp as one of the effective marketing strategies that does not ask for much of investment.


  • The best thing about using Whatsapp as a marketing tool is that it does not require much of investment. Only an active internet connection can solve the purpose.
  • The second important feature of using Whatsapp is that it can help in sharing multimedia with your customers in the market. You can easily showcase your services, products through pictures, and videos to your potential buyers
  • It is one of the effective communicative tools that could help you to enhance your sales by allowing your sales team to perform much better through its use.

We are one of the renowned names in making and implementing best marketing strategies to meet your business needs. With us, you can expect next level of growth and success of your business in a limited time frame.

o know more about how we can make it possible for you, please connect with us!

WhatsApp Marketing in Russia with Cloud whatsapp

If you are willing to unleash the hidden potential of WhatsApp Russia, CLOUD WHATSAPP gives you the way. We create an entire new channel for you to reach your targeted customers in Russia. We design your WhatsApp using highly innovative mobile marketing techniques in Russia we have expertise in. Currently our marketing service support languages in Russia like English and Hindi. Our services are a real value add to the industry verticals such as Banking/Insurance/Finance Companies,Retail,Education,Health Care,Media & Entertainment and Travel & Logistics in Russia

Enrich your promotions and marketing ideas with bulk whatsapp messages by attaching a Image, Video, Audio and PDF. This solution allow users to send and manage WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way. Our Bulk WhatsApp Services in Russia gives you a secure web panel, you can be a user for your own branding or can be a reseller and earn with selling further. As we all know, graphics and media files are worth more than just characters. This is a credit based web panel in which you can check your delivery reports and get the refund of failed messages. And send upto one lakh in one campaign. So, allure your clients with amusing graphics media and large text. For getting queries you can give your contact info as in text or in media as well.

Key Highlighites WhatsApp Marketing Services

Best Plan at most affordable rate in industry.

  • You can now send Text / Images / Video / PDF files using our online portal.
  • Every number is not on whatsapp. Hence use our WhatsApp Number filtering service & save money.
  • 1 Credit = 5000 Character Text Message.
  • 1 Credit = Images / Video / Audio / PDF File upto 2 MB.
  • You can send Caption Message upto 500 Characters at no additional cost.
  • Daily Sending Capacity is 500K Messages/Day

WhatsApp Marketing: The new way to reach your customers in Brazil !

According to you, which is the most commonly used app in social media? Out of a hundred, ninety-nine answers will be WhatsApp. A research study has recently stated that WhatsApp has more than 6 billion active users in this century. And with WhatsApp Bulk Marketing, people are getting more and more engaged with this app.

The Internet has also stood out tall for one of the trendiest marketing strategies, brand promotion, and awareness. But since the Internet gave rise to numerous social media platforms, not all can help you to reach your goal. Therefore, when it comes to showing people your marketing strategies in any corner of the world, choosing the platform must be done wisely. You will find this app is working in countries like Brazil and other neighbouring countries. The marketing campaign had never been so more comfortable before the evolvement of WhatsApp Marketing Panel. Due to the higher demand for this application, anybody can easily advertise their products and services.

Benefits Of Whatsapp Marketing For Whatsapp Business

When it comes to sharing your brand in Brazil, Whatsapp Reseller Panel must be there on the list. In other words, it helps you to carry out the operation of the entire list of contact easily. Trusting a marketing software provider with utmost faith can be daunting as these days, everybody is proving MP4 services. How will you find out whom to trust?

Smart marketing in any country means you are keeping track of user engagement in various marketing campaigns. However, by using a top-notch Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tool, you can send messages as much as you want according to your convenience to clients in Brazil. Sending video messages is also one of the best ways for brand promotion. Just make a selection of your prospective customers and share your business ideas.

Cloud whatsapp- Why Should You Use Whatsapp For Business Purpose

We, are BULK SMS INDIA, are a dedicated team that promises to fulfil all your quality expectations and process specifications as well – specially in Brazil and other countries. We are an experienced expertise group having a multi-functional working team. With Our WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns, we provide amenities for the marketer in any area in promoting their trade through WhatsApp. We work in an ethical manner where we create an application to enhance the search engine visibility of your website within a short period.

Our coordination team members can even go beyond extra miles to fetch you a plethora of benefits. CLOUD WhatsApp is a team of highly skilled professionals – who are well known for providing Bulk WhatsApp Services in the country the famous footballers. We work hard by putting our best effort to ensure you avail more excellent leads from the different prospects who visit your site.

Cloud Whatsapp is a faithful service provider who never puts any restriction or limitation to any of your Whatsapp session. You can even alter, remove, and replace your WhatsApp display profile anytime you feel it necessary. Customers’ satisfaction is our sole priority. Thus, we provide solutions to all the channels one at a time. Along with the personalisation message, we also ensure that you are using WhatsApp Marketing Tools as per your requirement.

Our Services To Overseas- Brazil

We understand the value of time. Hence we promise to deliver you endless WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender facilities in a limited time frame. Our specialty is that we always come up with innovative and incredible ideas, along with all kinds of assistance personalization in the related field. We also provide services of WhatsApp Marketing on an international such as Brazil and the national level for many years.

Our service also helps you to establish a healthy connection with your potential clients no matter where they located. Also, you can Send Bulk Whatsapp Message from any number you want. We are actively associated with Brazilian clients and marketers, too, providing them with uninterrupted Whatsapp marketing services.

Our Message

Cloud Whatsapp is one of the leading WhatsApp service provider company in India who provides services to overseas like Brazil. You can get your job done at a cheaper Whatsapp Bulk Message Price.

WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Malaysia & Singapore

The use of the phone number list for marketing in Malaysia & Singapore as a marketing tool has spread throughout the business sector. The ease and the convenience offered are the main attraction for the business managers to use this method as a powerful marketing tool. A cheap, easy, fast, and simple marketing tool is the symbol of bulk whatsapp marketing for Malaysia & Singapore that becomes a marketing trend today.

Marketing through mobile advertising has been considered as one of the most effective marketing tools today. It’s amazing to see the Fortune 500 Company that successfully organising their mobile campaigns by using SMS gateway for Malaysia & Singapore with a little or no thought processes. Yes, you really need a strategy to make your campaign successful. The purpose of group texting is to build a list of customers, prospective customers, members of new customers and target groups. There are 4 steps to do to make your mobile marketing successfully: Set the goal of your campaign You can create ads based on your goals; you need to be creative in choosing the elements of the SMS in accordance with your goals. For example, your goal is to generate visitors to your business. In creating a bulk SMS marketing for Malaysia & Singapore, you must stay focused on your goals. Dominate the markets Measure the effectiveness of promotions
Our  Payment Options:

Measuring the results of a campaign is very important because this will determine the ROI (return on investment). If your campaign strategy does not meet your goals, then you have to make some changes.

You could soon dominate the market with the right ads; if you have a plan to put your ads on a commercial TV or radio station make sure you include your phone number.

Create and manage your ad

Firstly you must analyze your business and set the goals for your campaign. Get to know your business. Conduct an analysis whether the SMS gateway for Malaysia can help your business. Ask yourself “What should I get?” This step is the most important part of your campaign. Without goals, you will not have a direction.

Great success stories have been achieved by the users of group texting in many business sectors. Some popular restaurants in the country have adopted the phone number list for marketing in Malaysia & singapore and now you can see how they have got great success. Many things must be. Bulk SMS marketing for Malaysia & Singapore is still considered as one new marketing tool; however, the development of this mass texting software is extremely rapid and began to be used in all business sectors.

Key Highlighites WhatsApp Marketing Services

Best Plan at most affordable rate in industry.

  • You can now send Text / Images / Video / PDF files using our online portal.
  • Every number is not on whatsapp. Hence use our WhatsApp Number filtering service & save money.
  • 1 Credit = 5000 Character Text Message.
  • 1 Credit = Images / Video / PDF File upto 2 MB.
  • You can send Caption Message upto 500 Characters at no additional cost.
  • Daily Sending Capacity is 500K Messages/Day

WhatsApp Marketing Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Middle East

We all know how popular WhatsApp is in Middle East. Almost everyone who uses smartphone is using WhatsApp. And people check whatsapp messages more frequently then any other application in mobile. So why not you use this platform to promote and grow your business. We offer ready to use web-based whatsapp marketing service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Middle East. And best part is you don’t need to buy channels. Only buy credits and you are good to go. Your whatsapp messages would be broadcasted immediately and you can also view campaign report online.

People from around the world are fascinated by the ocean beauty and man-made structures in Dubai. And what better way to promote your business in Dubai or UAE or Abu Dhabi then sending Images with Caption and Video with Caption messages using our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Middle East. We provide a complete user friendly web-based portal for you users to run and manage their campaigns independently. Also we have inbuilt option for you to filter active whatsapp numbers from your unverified database. So now you can save money and send campaign to active whatsapp numbers users only in any part of the world.

Start Whitelabel Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Service / WhatsApp Blasting Service

Are you having good contacts in industry ? Are you looking forward to resell our whatsapp marketing service in UAE. We do offer whatsapp whitelabel reseller account. And you will be able to independently manage all your sub-resellers and users. Also you get complete control over volume of credits you want to assign to your clients at your prefered rate. Our branding will not be visible hence your client will always be your client only.

Overview of our WhatsApp Marketing Services

We have more than 5 years of experiance in WhatsApp Marketing.

  • We provide Web Based Online Portal. So now you can manage and run campaigns independently.
  • We offer customer plans as per customer need.
  • For Resellers we have advance Reseller Plans, however single order volume to avail reseller plan should be big.
  • Your account will be activated within 5 minutes of payment received.
  • You can view/download Campaign Submission Report online.

Key Highlighites WhatsApp Marketing Services

Best Plan at most affordable rate in industry.

  • You can now send Text / Images / Video / PDF files using our online portal.
  • Every number is not on whatsapp. Hence use our WhatsApp Number filtering service & save money.
  • 1 Credit = 5000 Character Text Message.
  • 1 Credit = Images / Video / Audio / PDF File upto 2 MB.
  • You can send Caption Message upto 500 Characters at no additional cost.
  • Daily Sending Capacity is 500K Messages/Day

Cloud WhatsApp Business API- Change the Way Business Communicate

Mark your presence in over 18 countries with Cloud WhatsApp Business API.

In a simple and reliable way, businesses can now directly connect with over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users. By expanding reach to WhatsApp chats, cloud whatsapp has optimised its communication offerings for businesses all around the world.

What can you do with this API?

Businesses can now seamlessly send messages through Cloud WhatsApp Business API. All you need to do is compose the text message with the information you want to send out. The messages can contain media like images, audio, video, documents, etc. You can find detailed information on how this API works on cloud whatsapp developer’s page.

WhatsApp takes you where your customers are

By recognizing customer trends and adopting the latest technologies, Cloud Whatsapp has incorporated WhatsApp Business solution to allow better management of conversations. Billions of messages are sent through WhatsApp every day. Catching up with an old friend, asking mom for help with a recipe, or sharing a funny video with your cousin, consumers use WhatsApp on a daily basis to connect with friends and family. By switching to WhatsApp you too can have intimate conversations with your customers.

What you need to get started:

  1. Registered WhatsApp Business Number
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Cloud Whatsapp API Key

With Cloud Whatsapp one API for WhatsApp Business account, you can support 5 different formats to make your communication more engaging and holistic:

  1. Text
  2. Audio
  3. Documents
  4. Contacts
  5. Images

The introduction of WhatsApp as a business tool is a complete game-changer. With extensive reach and a highly engaged user base, businesses can now indulge in high-quality conversations with their customers. With high user popularity and convenience of use, WhatsApp Business API has the potential of becoming a powerful, universally used communication channel.

Guide To Verify WhatsApp Business Account – Step by Step Guide

To accomplish your customer acquisition and customer support needs. You need a WhatsApp business account as this is the need of the hour. Having a WhatsApp business account can do wonders for your business and can skyrocket your revenue trajectories.

If you go for a regular WhatsApp business account, that would be free of cost with limited benefits. Choosing a Business WhatsApp API can help you get a green checkmark for your business account, which gives a boost to your business credibility and authenticity.

The image below is a verified business account with a Coveted Green Tick.

An official WhatsApp business Verification will get you a green tick mark next to your business name. Do you know, how you can get it for your business? There is a need for a slightly different approach to get the coveted green tick. If you wish to have a candid verified business WhatsApp, you have to choose the right way to get it instead of just going through an easy way of downloading and installing the WhatsApp Business Mobile App from the play store and App store.

You have to choose a service provider that offers you an effective WhatsApp business API. Need some effort and some money, but the results would be fruitful for your business. Cloud WhatsApp will introduce you with the stepwise procedure and the benefits of using the business API and the way to get your own green tick mark.

Steps for Business WhatsApp Verification

  1. Sign up with Cloud WhatsApp, the best rated business solution provider (BSP).
  2. Create a Business Manager Account.
  3. Provide your Business Manager ID to Cloud WhatsApp (Business Solution Provider).
  4. Allow the BSP like Cloud WhatsApp to send messages on your behalf.
  5. Discuss and Verify your business, display name and privacy policy.
  1. Sign up with Cloud WhatsApp, the best rated business solution provider (BSP).

A BSP offers a platform, which enables you to connect your business with the WhatsApp Business API, providing features that WhatsApp offers and much more. Choosing the right BSP will have an advantage of resources and authorization by WhatsApp to conduct all the necessary checks into the legitimacy of your business.

2. Make a Business Manager account.

To empower the BSP to confirm your business with WhatsApp for your sake. You’ll need to deal with certain things on your side first. In particular, this incorporates making a Business Manager account.

A Facebook tool helps you in getting sorted out and dealing with your business activities. Business Manager necessitates that you initially have a Facebook profile so you can utilize your Facebook username and secret key to join. Along these lines, the login cycle is made safer than utilizing just an email and secret word.

A Business Manager account is vital for creating and verifying WhatsApp Business account.

Visit the site https://business.facebook.com/overview and go to Create Account. Here you’ll enter your name, your business’ name, email address, and other business subtleties. You can just have up to two Business Manager accounts simultaneously, so in the event that you need more, ask another person from your business to make extra records.

3. Give the BSP your Business Manager ID.

To continue with making and confirming your WhatsApp Business account, your BSP will require your Business Manager ID. This data is accessible in your Business Manager’s Business Settings → Business Info, under Business Manager Account Name. At the point when you discover it, email the BSP your Business Manager ID.

4. Permit the BSP to send messages for your business on your behalf.

When it has your Business Manager ID, the BSP will require your agree to message your clients for your benefit. It will send you a “messaging on behalf of” demand by means of email and Business Manager stage. Endorse it through Business Settings → Requests, under Received.

Endorse the “message in the message of” demand

5) Discuss and Verify your business, display name and privacy policy.

After you’ve supported your BSP’s solicitation, you should confirm your business’ name and strategy in the Business Manager with the goal that WhatsApp can see it’s certified. You can do this in your Business Settings → Security Center, under Verification → Start Verification. This alternative will be turned gray out until you approve your BSP’s ” messaging in informing for”.

Your presentation name must be in accordance with WhatsApp Commerce and Business approaches and follow the rules set by the organization. Likewise note that, whenever you’ve enlisted your business’ contact name on WhatsApp under the authority Business account, it probably won’t be feasible to transform it without losing the confirmed status.

Whenever you’ve entered your business subtleties, chosen the business type, and entered your telephone number, you’ll get a OTP Or verification code (by means of call, instant message, or email). Submit it to finish the interaction and continue with sending the main message with your BSP.

Cloud WhatsApp as your best choice for BSP

Ideally, this article furnished you an exact sufficient response on the most proficient method to check WhatsApp Business account. While you can likewise do this by building and running your own answer, we don’t suggest it except if you’re knowledgeable in programming. All things considered, why not use the most efficient WhatsApp API offered by a stage like Cloud WhatsApp?

In addition to the fact that it takes care of making, confirming, and dealing with your Business account, permitting you to get your own WhatsApp green checkmark, however it additionally gives the ideal climate to your colleagues to direct the entirety of the business’ interchanges with customers from one spot.

Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Businesses in 2021.

In 2021, Cloud WhatsApp tool emerged as a stunning software in the field of digital Marketing. Sending Bulk WhatsApp used to be a very troublesome task, but after the development of Cloud WhatsApp sending Bulk WhatsApp has become an easy affair. Using our software, a business can send thousand, hundred thousand, millions of Bulk WhatsApp by just uploading an excel sheet with the details of your customers (using contact number).

Some Features making Cloud WhatsApp a remarkable Marketing tool in 2021:

  • Cloud WhatsApp is a platform for sending Bulk WhatsApp text, videos, images, announcements, notifications, etc. To enable the businesses with the potential to maximize their revenue, Cloud WhatsApp offers bulk WhatsApp marketing services via an all-in-one software.

  • It’s a one-click tool and time-saving WhatsApp Bulk Sender for contacting the customers not only Bulk WhatsApp text even you can send Bulk video, audio to attract you, customers.

  • Cloud WhatsApp also offers a remarkable feature to make a personal WhatsApp chatbot support for your service or brand without any code. Using our WhatsApp API, you can customize your chatbots for your WhatsApp support. Special features include setting up customer support over WhatsApp with multiple dedicated agents.

  • Our services help you set up a zero-cost API account and for WhatsApp API Approval. Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to send broadcast messages very efficiently. The tool is speedy and secure to use, also allows you to manage all the WhatsApp contact from dashboards, filter them, and more.

WhatsApp is such a humongous organization, which has a customer base of more than 2 billion active users.  Nowadays most brands are taking a step forward towards WhatsApp as a key marketing tool for promoting their brands and reach out to the maximum part of the population.