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As we all know Canada is a growing economy and more and more people are using Smart phones. WhatsApp is the most popular application in Canada. And many business owners in Canada are using our WhatsApp Marketing Services to promote there business in Canada and other neighbouring countries. If you are looking forward to use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service to Send Text / Image / Video / PDF file in Canada. We offer web-based portal where you would be charged only 1 credit to send any kind of media file up-to 1 MB with caption size of 500 characters and Text Message up-to 5000 Characters. And best part with our web based portal is that, you do not need to buy whatsapp channels. Only buy credits and you are good to go. as we have our whatsapp blasting center in india, all messages will go via Indian Mobile Numbers between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Indian Standard Timing) or 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM (Nigeria Time). We had been offering this service in Canada for past 5 years now.

Whatsapp Marketing is one of the influential marketing strategies that help people to stay in touch with the service providers and vice –versa. It is one of the recent advances in the marketing strategy that offers a perfect 24*7 platform for communication and participation in the marketing process.

We can state that the fast-growing communication app today is the Whatsapp. There are millions of active Whatsapp users in the world. These active members share millions of videos and pictures every day. This has prompted companies to use Whatsapp as the effective tool for business marketing. Whatsapp marketing is very effective to increase your sale these days. Digital marketing companies use different functions of Whatsapp to promote their business. Whatsapp is the smartest way to reach maximum people acquainted with your products and services.

Keeping all the points in mind, we can correlate the use of Whatsapp as one of the effective marketing strategies that does not ask for much of investment.


  • The best thing about using Whatsapp as a marketing tool is that it does not require much of investment. Only an active internet connection can solve the purpose.
  • The second important feature of using Whatsapp is that it can help in sharing multimedia with your customers in the market. You can easily showcase your services, products through pictures, and videos to your potential buyers
  • It is one of the effective communicative tools that could help you to enhance your sales by allowing your sales team to perform much better through its use.

We are one of the renowned names in making and implementing best marketing strategies to meet your business needs. With us, you can expect next level of growth and success of your business in a limited time frame.

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