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WhatsApp Business API: How Top Companies and Organizations Are Using It

You’ve read all about the WhatsApp API and are now excited to implement it for your business.

Before you do so, questions swirl around your mind about how to use the WhatsApp API and what you can do with it:

  • How should I be making full use of the WhatsApp API?
  • How can I use it for customer service?
  • What about marketing?
  • Can it help with brand awareness?

Fret not. In this post, we’ll take a look at how top companies and organizations around the world are using the WhatsApp Business API. These use cases should provide you with a clear idea of the advantages of WhatsApp API and it can help to grow your business.

Let’s get started.

WhatsApp API Use Case #1: Netflix

With 182.8 million subscribers worldwide, you’d be hard-pressed these days to find someone who’s never watched anything on Netflix. 

As one of the first privileged companies to test the WhatsApp API when it was in its limited preview stage, it’s probably safe to say Netflix was left nothing short of impressed as it continues to look for new ways to leverage the tool even today.

Existing efforts include sending users film suggestions via push notifications on WhatsApp. Users on the Netflix app are asked whether they’d like to receive movie and TV suggestions via their registered phone number. 

Once they accept, they’ll begin to receive suggestions from Netflix, which are calibrated using the same algorithm and recommendation engine used on the app itself.

First released in India, one of WhatsApp’s largest markets, the feature has since been launched in other countries including the UK.

And Netflix’s integration with WhatsApp doesn’t just end there. In their latest collaboration, WhatsApp users can now watch Netflix trailers within WhatsApp itself, much like YouTube and Facebook videos.

WhatsApp API Use Case #2: World Health Organization (WHO)

In 2020, the world got plunged into an unexpected coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns were imposed all over the world. 

Amid the constant and new developments and the rise and spread of fake news, communication became particularly important. 

As the world’s leading health organization, the WHO had a massive role to play in maintaining order and providing trusted information and advice. 

To do so, it has engaged WhatsApp API to allow people to chat with the organization via WhatsApp for the latest health alerts. This is available in a host of languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, etc. 

Because communication through the WhatsApp API is through an opt-in option, WhatsApp users must be the one to initiate a conversation with the WHO. All they have to do is send “hi” to the number listed on the WHO website (which varies according to the language) to receive a list of options.

Aside from the latest updates, the WHO is also using the WhatsApp API to send out COVID-19 facts of the day and customize their updates according to users’ locations.

WhatsApp API can only be obtained through an official WhatsApp Business Service Provider (BSP) like CLOUD WHATSAPP. If you’re looking to implement it for your business, we’d be more than happy to help you out. You can sign up for a free trial with us today or check out our help center to learn more.