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5 Compelling Reasons To Use WhatsApp Business For Your Marketing Strategy

When Facebook announced its plan to acquire WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion back in 2014, many doubted if WhatsApp could contribute to Facebook’s already impressive portfolio of Social Media and messaging apps. However, seven years later, in February 2021, WhatsApp’s user base surpassed the two-billion milestone.

Taking notice of its popularity and vast business potential, the instant messaging brand launched WhatsApp Business, a feature that can help small and large-scale businesses engage with its users and market their brand.

Since then, many brands have started using WhatsApp Business to offer dedicated customer support and run marketing campaigns.

Here are seven great reasons to consider using WhatsApp Business for your marketing strategy: 

  1. Secure Messaging

WhatsApp provides businesses and consumers with a highly secure messaging platform that safeguards all confidential data. Data security remains a priority in the current era, and WhatsApp lives up to the latest mobile security standards. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption allows only the recipients and senders to view the message content, and it completely restricts third-party accessibility.

2. Create brand awareness and product promotion

With the introduction of new features like status update and catalog in the WhatsApp Business account, the platform now gives more room for visual content, and users can check out what your offerings are without having to message you for this information. 

Status update – you can run promotions and market newly launched products to generate more sales.

Catalog – Catalogs act as a mobile directory to put products on display. Thereby, you no longer have to send product images and supporting documents one at a time. Consumers will be able to see your brand’s full product inventory from its WhatsApp Business user interface.

3. Unleashing conversational commerce 

Conversational commerce refers to the way end-users interact with their brand via chat-apps to get personalized and dedicated support.

Due to technological advancements across industries, the modern-day consumers can instantly connect with brand representatives or chatbots to get personalized product recommendations, quick support, or options to purchase products, all from within the messaging app.

With WhatsApp-enabled conversational commerce, you will be able to connect with multiple customers and provide personalized customer support and increase sales without any hassle.

4. Permission-based messaging

​​​​​WhatsApp Business does not allow you to directly contact your users if they have not opted-in to receive your messages. If you want to start a conversation with your end-users, you must either request them to share their number with you or allow them to initiate a conversation.

In both cases, you, as a company, will respect the consumers’ right to reject or receive your message. This is more beneficial to you as a brand, as you will end up with a highly segmented audience base that is interested in your brand’s message.

5. Deliver personalized communication 

Regardless of the marketing channel, sending customized messages to end-users is vital to driving higher conversions and engagement.

With WhatsApp Business, you can build on your personalization efforts at different stages of the customer lifecycle. You will also be able to add rich elements to these messages, such as video, audio, images, files, and QR codes.