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Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tool for Businesses in 2021.

In 2021, Cloud WhatsApp tool emerged as a stunning software in the field of digital Marketing. Sending Bulk WhatsApp used to be a very troublesome task, but after the development of Cloud WhatsApp sending Bulk WhatsApp has become an easy affair. Using our software, a business can send thousand, hundred thousand, millions of Bulk WhatsApp by just uploading an excel sheet with the details of your customers (using contact number).

Some Features making Cloud WhatsApp a remarkable Marketing tool in 2021:

  • Cloud WhatsApp is a platform for sending Bulk WhatsApp text, videos, images, announcements, notifications, etc. To enable the businesses with the potential to maximize their revenue, Cloud WhatsApp offers bulk WhatsApp marketing services via an all-in-one software.

  • It’s a one-click tool and time-saving WhatsApp Bulk Sender for contacting the customers not only Bulk WhatsApp text even you can send Bulk video, audio to attract you, customers.

  • Cloud WhatsApp also offers a remarkable feature to make a personal WhatsApp chatbot support for your service or brand without any code. Using our WhatsApp API, you can customize your chatbots for your WhatsApp support. Special features include setting up customer support over WhatsApp with multiple dedicated agents.

  • Our services help you set up a zero-cost API account and for WhatsApp API Approval. Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to send broadcast messages very efficiently. The tool is speedy and secure to use, also allows you to manage all the WhatsApp contact from dashboards, filter them, and more.

WhatsApp is such a humongous organization, which has a customer base of more than 2 billion active users.  Nowadays most brands are taking a step forward towards WhatsApp as a key marketing tool for promoting their brands and reach out to the maximum part of the population.